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We carry the strongest Legal Bud and Herbal Smoke at our Online Smoke Shop. We're your #1 USA Smoke Shop source for the most potent and most enjoyable herbal smoking alternatives. All of our Smoke Shop products we offer are all 100% USA Legal and will not cause you to fail a drug test. We carry a full line of natural botanicals, legal buds, hybrid buds, herbal solids, herbal smokes, extracts, tinctures, herbal grinders, cigarette rolling papers and more.

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Smoke Shop stocks the best legal high quality legal bud, solid resin, smoke concentrate, herbal smoke and extract from the world's best manufacturers and distributors. From Exotic Hawaiian Buds to Blueberry Haze, Demon Dream Smoke, Panama Hybrid Bud, and Aztec Gold Bud, our products are all truly the best LEGAL HIGH QUALITY SMOKE SHOP BLENDS!

They are all 100% USA legal and will not affect any drug tests or screening. Our Herbal Smokes and Legal Buds products do not contain Marijuana or Tobacco nor are they intended to be alternatives to any illegal drugs use. You can enjoy our legal bud smoke shop product for their Own Amazing Unique Properties and still remain 100% legal. Smoke Shop Herbal features the best and widest selection of legal buds smoke products for alternative herbal smoker in all of us.

 All United States and Canadian smoke shop orders are shipped FREE and DISCREETLY via USPS in a plain brown envelope or box. We've been providing the best quality herbal smokes and legal buds products for over 10 years. When you smoke our legal herbal buds you'll be truly satisfied by the most enjoyable, legal high potent Legal Buds Smoking Blends.

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Smoke Shop Herbal's Smoking Guides for First Timers

Smoke Shop Legal Bud Guide to the Proper Method of Lighting Up.  When smoking legal buds, they need to undergo combustion by means of a hotter flame than an ordinary cigarette lighter, read our for How to Light your Legal Bud Joints for Maximum Effects Guide....(read more)

Smoke Shop Herbal's Guide to Rolling a Perfect Joint. Even though some herb smoker do roll it joint-like style, a water-pipe, bong or vaporizer is really the best way to smoke legal buds. If you must use papers, then read our How to Roll a Joint Guide....(read more)

Do Legal Buds Work? - Smoke Shop Herbal's Guide to properly Smoking Legal Buds. Legal Buds Smoking Alternatives do work and this includes all the legal bud, hybrid bud and herbal smoke. It's just only a matter of the right potency and the individual effect of each bud or herb, read our Legal Bud Smoking Guide...(read more)


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You Will NOT Fail a Drug Test, because our legal buds are made of 100% legal natural botanicals and they're simply not tested for.



Smoke Shop Herbal the Alternative Smoke Shop of the Highest Quality Legal Bud Smoking Herb and Herbal Smoke. Legal Highs and Legal Buds for the Alternative Smoker.
Legal Buds featuring Dream Smoke, Blueberry Haze, smoke shop fl and more! The widest range of smoke shop legal smoke, featuring herbal smoke blend and legal bud smoke.